Monday, May 14, 2007

Nokia 3250 : Music With a Twist

Music phone with a twist, that is what one can say about the Nokia 3250 phone. Its a new and unique design that Nokia has introduced in the global mobile phone market. Twist the keypad and experience every beats of music; twist it again and the device is ready to capture the world. The Nokia 3250 can store up to 1GB of music tracks and offers 10 hours of music backup. Additionally, the device is loaded with smartphone features – browse menus and explore the hidden mobile world.

Nokia, being one of the largest manufacturers of digital music player is also the first one to introduce a device with XpressMusic feature. Designed to suit music fans all over the globe, the Nokia 3250 provides quick and easy access to music, phone menus and camera features with a twist. Twist the keypad to 180 degree and switch between music controls and phone keypad. The built-in music player supports several music file formats such as MP3 and AAC – enabling users to download and transfer music tracks with ease. Moreover, the Nokia 3250 also comes with an FM radio with Visual Radio client – making it a complete music package.

The Nokia 3250 boasts a 2.0 mega-pixel camera – activate the camera feature by twisting the keypad to 90 degree. And with a few click, share some great moments with your friends and family via MMS and Bluetooth wireless technology. Moreover, the phone is supported with Symbian OS and messaging services – allowing users to download other music applications with ease.

This smartphone device offers connectivity features such as Bluetooth, USB – connect and share data with other compatible devices with or without using a wire. And with WAP, GPRS and EDGE – enjoy high speed mobile internet, synchronise emails and keep you updated.

The tri band handset with smartphone capabilities, lets you enjoy the ultimate multimedia features on the move.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Motorola L7 : Your Handsome Performer

Motorola's command over designer phones is just incredible and have also given the hard times to other competitors. Well, when it comes to looks, Motorola surely scores highest points by bringing the exquisite masterpieces for users. Mobile world is yet to receive the right answers to stay at par with the breath taking designs of RAZR and PEBL and Motorola is all set to introduce another emblem of true designing. The Motorola L7 has it all to leave you awestruck! This dynamic gizmo is launched in celebrated candy-bar design, with a metallic finish, metallic keypad and thoroughly toughened glass. Its attractive design duly complemented by its metallic appearance, which surely attracts your attention. Although, nothing specific or extraordinary is done in designing, as its design is based on the popular RAZR design. But, the Motorola L7 goes ahead with its compatible features – which give you more than one reason to have this all-rounder gizmo.

Endowed with a high quality matrix display, which can support 262k colours resolution. Therefore, it ensures that you get that larger than life viewing experience, whenever you view all those images, video clips or any other application. Well, the Motorola L7 also comes with a camera, but its resolution is quite less and you cannot expect the best of picture technology. Well, you can use this VGA camera in video recording to treasure all those special moments. After hoarding all your favourite stuff, you can easily share it with your friends via MMS or Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

If you are a music buff, then the Motorola L7 can give you those best moments. Its loaded with an inbuilt MP3 player, which can play music in various popular formats like MP3 and AAC. On the other hand, its embedded ringtones are too good in quality. There are other compatible features with handsfree speaker, quad band support and email. Its inbuilt memory is just 11MB, but it is also accompanied with TransFlash memory, which further enhances its memory up to 512 MB. Hence, you can easily download all your desired stuff from songs, video clips, images and much more.

Ensuring a seamless connectivity, the Motorola L7 supports the popular Quad-band network. Moreover, you can easily share all your important data with other compatible devices with Infra-red, Bluetooth and USB. Earlier, Motorola phones were severely criticised for their insufficient battery life, but the Motorola L7 offers a substantial battery to do all those things in the easiest possible way. Bring this power gadget and make all those desired changes in your mobile life.

Virgin Lobster 700TV : The Fight for the Remote Control is Over

As we move towards the future, there are only a few gizmos that can truly be called futuristic. Much has been talked about 'digital convergence' and how digital cameras and internet functions are now a mobile phone stronghold. But among the much hyped mobile phone's direct competition with digital cameras or Mp3 players, Virgin has decided to compete with an adversary whose presence and importance in our daily lives s much more than digital camera and mp3 players combined.With the launch of Virgin Lobster 700TV, its manufacturers have declared a war against the TV. Nothing can beat the convenience of a portable TV that fits into the pocket. But this seemed like a distant dream as even in 3G network, TV on mobile phone is largely a frame by frame affair – something that can not be regarded as 'moving images'. Inclusion of Digital Audio Broadcasting Internet Protocol or DAB-IP in the Virgin Lobster 700TV have made this feat possible.

Importantly, the Virgin Lobster 700TV doesn't need any 3G network to play TV on it. Watch your favourite news, sports and entertainment channels on the 2.2 inch high definition display. The Virgin Lobster 700TV allows you to listen to digital radio as well from all the top broadcasters. The handset designing is as unique as the handset's features, making the Virgin Lobster 700TV easily recognizable from a distance.

Like any other handset with Windows Mobile 5.0 software, the Virgin Lobster 700TV is a master in Internet browsing, email, instant messaging and may such advanced features. The handset also includes a media player and a healthy dose of memory pool of 128 Mb to get you going. Integrated camera module of the Virgin Lobster 700TV is 1.3 megapixel with digital zoom and video recording facilities for instant sharing of moments with friends.

Sony Ericsson W810i : Get More Music

Enter the music world with the new Sony Ericsson W810i – the upgraded version of the most acclaimed W800i. Sony Ericsson has launched these special Walkman edition phones to meet the thirst of music lovers all over the globe. Music is something that everyone likes and the company's strategy in designing such handsets is to combine music and phone features in a mini device. Though W810i and W800i belong to the same Walkman series portfolio, there are some differences in terms of design and functionality. In terms of design, the W810i has raised keys and has a 5-way navigation key instead of a joystick, which is very cumbersome. Moreover, the Sony Ericsson W810i is more advanced as it offers EDGE – enabling users to browse high speed mobile internet. Again the W810i is a quad band phone instead of tri band, so stay connected with the world whenever and wherever you go.

Being a Walkman phone, the Sony Ericsson W810i does not disappoint users on music features. The phone is loaded with an outstanding music player that supports music formats such as MP3 and AAC – users are given more options to download music tracks in different formats. And with Mega Bass – experience superb sound quality. Now, you can accommodate more songs with the Sony Ericsson W810i – supported with 512MB Memory Stick PRO Duo – download multimedia files and enjoy listening to the music on the move. What's more. with FM radio RDS – tune in to any FM radio station and listen to all time hit songs.

In addition, the Sony Ericsson W810i comes with an integrated 2.0 mega-pixel camera with 4x digital zoom – freeze the moment and share with friends and family via MMS. In terms of connectivity, the phone comes equipped with features like Bluetooth, USB, infra-red – connect and transfer files with or without using a wire. And with EDGE and GPRS – browse the net, synchronise emails and more.

The lightweight phone (weighing only 99g) offers all that you can expect in your music phone. Keep rocking on the go.

Samsung D900 : World's Slimmest Business Phone

Mobile phones, the wonderful gift to the communication world have become an inevitable part of everyone's life. With more competitions in the communications world, leading mobile companies are giving tough fight to their counterparts. Samsung has also participated in the fray – with the launch of the Ultra Edition, the company's global strategy is to be on top in the mobile phone market. Samsung Ultra Editions help in bringing people together with high phone functionality and comfort in use. These phones without compromising on features offer premium multimedia applications and lots more. The aim is to incorporate both design and technology in a slim profile. That's why, being slim and stylish in design, these phones never compromise on features. These ergonomically designed handsets from Samsung go beyond the look and offer convenience, simplicity and elegance and let consumers do more.

Samsung's Ultra edition handsets fall in the D series portfolio. Among all the D series handsets, D900 is the world's slimmest slider phone. The phone with curvy and smooth look fascinates users at the first glance. The handset with black menus, white characters and convenient keys add more sophistication. Its not only about the design, the Samsung D900 is packed with latest technology. And with quad band network, you always stay connected with the world.

The Samsung D900 delivers superb picture quality with an integrated 3.0 mega-pixel camera. The phone with auto-focus and other camera features ensure perfect picture quality. Watching videos on a wide 2.1 inch QVGA colour screen is a real pleasure. In addition, the phone also combines office tools – enabling users to view and edit documents in different formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Supported with microSD card, the phone memory can further be expanded up to 512MB -- accommodate more files and enjoy.

This slim and slider phone combines everything – feel the freedom with the Samsung D900.

Nokia 6111 : Your Ticket to the Big league

One of the major reason for Nokia's global dominance is that they consistently keep on upgrading the handsets in the mid-priced segment. A healthy price-value ratio of Nokia handsets have been the trademark of this Finnish manufacturers. The petite slider – Nokia 6111, gives you a neat collection of features in a stylish slider form. The price tag makes it even more tempting. The Nokia 6111 resembles the Nokia 5300 in terms of shape and form. However, colour schemes of the Nokia 6111 is 'mature' than the youthful 5300. The handset is available in silver on pearl white, dark and glossy black on silver. Display is TFT based that can produce more than 262k colours. A smooth sliding mechanism reveals the well laid out key-pad.

The Nokia 6111 is equipped with a 1.0 megapixel camera capable of producing images of resolution up to 1152x864 pixels. The integrated camera module is endowed with digital zoom and video recording facilities. Immortalizing fleeting moments of life is now possible in the most simple possible way. Share these moments immediately with friends via MMS or transfer them to your PC via Bluetooth, Infrared or USB and host it on the Internet for the world to see.

This triband supporting GSM handset is operable across five continents in more than hundred countries. The Nokia 6111 is internet ready with built in GPRS and EDGE technology where you can achieve download speeds of up to 236.8 kbps. It is easier to search for relevant content in the World Wide Web with the built in WAP 2.0/xHTML browser of the Nokia 6111.

The Nokia 6111 houses about 23 Mb of shared memory which should be enough to keep a few tracks to be played on the media player. There is also a FM radio on the feature list for entertainment on the go. Or you can suit yourself with the numerous downloadable Java games on the Nokia 6111.

Motorola RAZR v3i : Stylish. Smart. Sophisticated

Motorola RAZR v3i is an updated version of the most popular v3. Loaded with multitude of features, the device is all set to entice you in the very first look. This design and feature rich device is equipped with latest mobile technology. Featuring a wide internal colour screen, quad band network and Bluetooth wireless technology – stay in touch with the world wherever you go. Its a clamshell designed phone, flip open and explore the mobile world with a touch of your fingertips. With sculpted metal exterior, ergonomically designed keypad and user-friendly menus, its a perfect combination of brain and beauty together.

The Motorola RAZR v3i provides enhanced imaging experience with an in-built 1.23 mega-pixel camera, zoom, video capture, playback and more – capture both still as well as motion pictures and share with friends and family via MMS. And the device has also added a new music technology – iTunes music software – provides the whole range of multimedia package. Enjoy every beats of music and keep rocking on the move.

For more downloading the Motorola RAZR v3i supports MicroSD removable card – connect the phone with other compatible devices and transfer more data with or without a wire. With external memory support, the device provides more room to accommodate your favourite music tracks, images and video clips. The device also comes equipped with a new feature i.e., Motorola’s SCREEN technology – enabling users to access news, sports and entertainment with zero-click.

The device also offers advanced messaging features such as SMS, MMS, EMS – keep in touch with your family and friends – send and receive texts, images, video clips or your favourite music tracks. With more email protocol support including SMTP and IMAP4 – synchronise emails whenever and wherever you go.

Make a difference with the slim and stylish Motorola RAZR v3i and stay connected with the world.