Friday, May 4, 2007

Motorola RAZR v3i : Stylish. Smart. Sophisticated

Motorola RAZR v3i is an updated version of the most popular v3. Loaded with multitude of features, the device is all set to entice you in the very first look. This design and feature rich device is equipped with latest mobile technology. Featuring a wide internal colour screen, quad band network and Bluetooth wireless technology – stay in touch with the world wherever you go. Its a clamshell designed phone, flip open and explore the mobile world with a touch of your fingertips. With sculpted metal exterior, ergonomically designed keypad and user-friendly menus, its a perfect combination of brain and beauty together.

The Motorola RAZR v3i provides enhanced imaging experience with an in-built 1.23 mega-pixel camera, zoom, video capture, playback and more – capture both still as well as motion pictures and share with friends and family via MMS. And the device has also added a new music technology – iTunes music software – provides the whole range of multimedia package. Enjoy every beats of music and keep rocking on the move.

For more downloading the Motorola RAZR v3i supports MicroSD removable card – connect the phone with other compatible devices and transfer more data with or without a wire. With external memory support, the device provides more room to accommodate your favourite music tracks, images and video clips. The device also comes equipped with a new feature i.e., Motorola’s SCREEN technology – enabling users to access news, sports and entertainment with zero-click.

The device also offers advanced messaging features such as SMS, MMS, EMS – keep in touch with your family and friends – send and receive texts, images, video clips or your favourite music tracks. With more email protocol support including SMTP and IMAP4 – synchronise emails whenever and wherever you go.

Make a difference with the slim and stylish Motorola RAZR v3i and stay connected with the world.

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Annick said...

Virgin has blocked the multimedia feature for use with Mobile Phone Tools, forcing you to pay an internet connexion fee and download from their sites.